GLN 総覧 PANDECT マイ言葉 My saying.
    ◇マイ言葉 My saying.  ‐ はじめに Introduction.

  • 「群盲撫象(ぐんもう、ゾウをなづ)」と云う言葉がある。【リンク Link
    There are words to be called "Gunmou zou wo nazu."

  • 私達は、自分の立場(主義主張)に固執するあまり、ともすれば、自分の側を「善」、相手(ライバル)の思想信条を「不善」のこととして位置づけようとする傾向にある。
    We persist in one's viewpoint (principles claim). Frequently, we think that our viewpoint "good", and the thought creed of the partner (rival) tends to think that "no good".

  • 数珠玉の穴から経文を読み取る Juzudama no ana kara kyoumon wo yomitoru.
    These words hint at a Buddhist. 【リンク Link
  • 岩窟牢の天窓から陽炎を探し当てる Gankutsu-rou no tenmado kara kagerou wo sagashiateru.
    These words hint at a Christian. 【リンク Link
  • 戦車の筒穴から闇夜の方向を見つける Sensha no ana kara, yamiyo wo mitsukeru.
    These words hint at a Muslim. 【リンク Link

  • 私は想う I think.
    Three above-mentioned words are "My saying" that I created.

     つまり、1 気圧(標準大気圧)(atm) = 1013.25 hPaの実験室を再現して、そこに居住する。外界の環境は全て、その実験室と同じでなければならないという主張がまかり通っている。
    By the way, the world is going to idealize, for example, social conditions for the sense such as the scientific laboratory. In other words the person concerned reproduces a laboratory of 1 standard atmosphere (standard atmospheric pressure) (atm) = 1013.25 hPa and lives there. As for all the environment of the outside world, the laboratory and a claim to have to be the same get by.

    I do it if I compare it to a creature when there was the kind of a very delicious apple. People must be able to cultivate the apple at every place on the earth. All earthians eat all an apple of the same quantity and must enjoy the taste equally. People concerned assume an obligation to have to create such an ultimate apple kinds.

    The world advances to such a direction.

    In view of such a thing, I think. "The people must live more honestly more obediently more humbly."

    This report should be rewritten at any time by need. [守]
GLN 日本の諺・金言・名言 A proverb, a maxim, and a wise saying of Japan.