GLN 金言名言 Maxim. Wise saying.

D 文化教養 Culture ‐ D-14 言語(言葉) Language、読書 Reading

◇沈黙は無窮の如く深く、談話は時間の如く浅い Silence is eternally deep. A discourse is shallow like time. カーライル

◇議論上での執拗と熱狂とは、馬鹿の証拠である Arguing about obstinate and frenzy is a foolish proof.

◇不断の想いは、無意識に言集となりて溢れいず A constant thought serves as a collection of words unconsciously, and does not overflow. バイロン

◇その生涯電光の如き人の言葉は、雷鳴の如し The words of the man of the life such as the electric light are like the thunder. 中世俚諺 Proverb of the Middle Ages

◇適当な時までの沈黙は、能弁に勝つ Becoming silent till a chance wins eloquently. 独国俚諺 German proverb

◇沈黙は、清純なる恋の花である Silence is a flower of pure love. ハイネ

◇沈黙は、無意義の言語に優る Silence surpasses a meaningless language.

◇沈黙は、聡明を養うの睡眠である Silence is the sleep for supporting brightness.

◇精神が賢ければ、言葉も又賢い Language is also wise if soul is wise. ホーマー

◇人々は言葉を以て、恩恵を誇張する By means of language, people exaggerate a benefit. プリニー

◇行為は、言語よりも尊い An act is more valuable than language.

◇若し人々口笛を多く吹いて議論を少くすれば、世界は大いに幸福となり且つ賢明となるであろう If people play many whistles and argue few, the world will become greatly happy and will become wise. 聖書  Bible

◇人を説破するのは易い、しかし心よりその非を悟らせることは難しい It is easy to persuade people. However, it is difficult to make the wrong realize from the bottom of its heart. 英国俚諺 British proverb

◇良い忠告は通信が出来るが、良い行為はそれが出来ない Although communication of good advice is possible, the good act cannot do it. トルコ俚諺 Turkey proverb

◇会話の第一要素は質実、第二は見識、第三は快適、而して第四は頓智 The first essential of conversation is simplicity. The second is an opinion. The third is comfortable. And the fourth is ready wit. サー・W・テムペル

◇座談の術たるや、全人類を向うに廻わす競技である The technology of conversation is it game against all mankind.

◇読書は進まざる心には物憂く厄介なるが、会話は教うると共に練習せしむ If reading is a feeling which is not positive, it is wearily troublesome. Conversation is that it is practiced as it teaches.

◇汝いまだ二十五才に至らない前に、終身の品行を立てなさい Thou needs to stand life behavior, before not becoming 25 years old. コリンウッド

◇物語は、語りても減らない Even if a tale talks, it does not decrease. 英国俚諺 British proverb

◇耕して種を蒔かず、読んで理解しないのは半ば無駄な仕事 I do not sow a seed even if I plow it. It is not understood even if I read. It is work useless halfway. 独国俚諺 German proverb

◇凡そ人間は、何か言うのでなければ舌を使う権利を持たない、況んや筆をとるの権利に於てをやである About, man does not have a right using a tongue, if some are not said. Furthermore, the right to take a brush is natural. カーライル

◇見る所を好く記し、聞く所に好く留意して沈黙せよ、少く審き多く詮議すべし Record well what was seen. Become silent well with careful attention to having heard it. Judge few and discuss mostly. ブラウタス

◇人の諸業は必ず滅び去るものである、況して言葉の力と優美とは、それよりも如何に短い生命であることぞ The duties of the person become extinct by all means. Besides power and daintiness of words are the life that is how shorter than it. ホーレス

◇議論が疲れ果てたときに、疑問を解決するものは、依然として私心である When an argument gets tired out, it is still the selfishness which solves a question. バトラー

◇善言はロハなれど、高価の働きをする Expensive work is carried out although good language is no charge. 英国俚諺 British proverb

◇忠告は強要ではない Advice is not extortion. 独国俚諺 German proverb

◇子供は炉端(ろばた)で聞いたことを大道で話す A child says it as what was heard by the fireside in a main street.

◇夢想と書籍とは、それぞれ別世界である、書籍は清く良き実体の世界にして、我等の娯楽と幸福と血と肉の如く、強き蔓を以て此の二つの世界を包みて成長せん A dream and books are the worlds apart, respectively. Books are the world of clean good substance. And like our amusement, happiness, blood, and meat, these two worlds are wrapped in a strong vine, and it grows up from it. ワーズワース

◇物語は真理に遅れ、発明は実を結ばず、想像は冷く不毛である A tale is late for the truth. Invention does not bear a fruit. Imagination is coldly barren. バーク

◇顔は心の索引である A face is an index of the mind. 英国俚諺 British proverb

◇顔は書籍の如く読まれるが、たゞこれは甚だ短少の時間で、しかも甚だ誤りなく読まれるのである A face is read like books. However, it is very short time. And it is read that there is very no error. ラヴェター

◇多くの人は、不明瞭に考えるために正確に語ることが出来ないのである Since many people think indistinctly, they cannot talk correctly. ジョンソン

◇盲目の中では、片目が王様だ(鳥なき里のコウモリ) In blindness, one eye is a king. (The bat of the village in which a bird is not. ) 英国俚諺 British proverb

◇太陽を見ない者は、非常なる盲である The man who does not look at the sun is extraordinary blindness. 伊国俚諺 Italian proverb

◇読書は単に知識の材料を給与するのみ、それを自己のものとなすのは思考の力による Reading only provides the material of knowledge. Making it into a self thing is based on the power of thinking. ロック

◇独創は、単に新鮮なる両眼なるのみ Originality is only fresh both eyes. T・W・ヒッギン

◇読書程安価で永続的快楽はない Rather than reading, there is no cheap and permanent pleasure. モンタギュー夫人

◇悪魔と知合になる本は、読まない方が却ってよい It is better not to read the book which becomes acquainted with an evil spirit. ニープール

◇読みたいとの願いと好奇心とを真実に感ずる書を読め Read a book feeling a wish and curiosity that you want to read it in the truth. ジョンソン

◇賢明にして優雅温順なる会話は、文明の最善の花にして、人生が吾人に捧ぐべき最善の帰結である、会話は吾人みずからの総計である、吾人が有し、吾人が能い、吾人が知る一切のものも此処に展示される A wise and graceful gentle conversation is the best flower of civilization. It is the best conclusion which life offers to us. Conversation is our own total. We hold, we act and all the things we know are also exhibited here.

◇研究は精神に力を与え、会話は優雅を与う Research gives power to soul and conversation gives gentilesse. テムプル

◇論争は通常やりくりの如く会話中で最悪のものであり、書籍の中では最悪の読書である The dispute is usually the worst in conversation like makeshift. And in books, it is the worst reading. スイフト

◇会話には、諧謔が頓智に優り、円滑が知識に優る In conversation, a jest surpasses ready wit and a smooth surpasses knowledge. サー・ウィリアム・テムプル

◇友との会話は、歩行の疲れを匡すのに有力なもの The conversation with a friend is leading for relieving the tiredness of a walk.

◇他人の著書によって己れを改良することに時間を用いよ、そうすれば他人が辛苦したものによって容易く改良を遂ぐるを得、寧ろ富を捨てるとも知識を求めるであろう、なぜならば、前者は一時的で、後者は永久的だからである Use time for improving oneself with others' work. Then, improvement is easily accomplished by that in which others struggled. Rather, wealth will be thrown away and knowledge will be searched for. Because, it is since wealth is temporary and knowledge is eternal.

◇沈黙を愚者の知恵と考えるでない。沈黙すべき時に沈黙するのは、賢者の証明である。賢者は語るべき事の真意に透徹しておればである。彼は平素好んで沈黙を行い、語る場合には贅言を省いて巧に其の思想を吐露する、故に此の類の沈黙は雄弁と称せられ、其の力は言語以上である Don't consider silence to be a fool's wisdom. It is a wise man's proof that becomes silent when it should become silent. Since the wise man is doing the penetration of it to the real intention of telling. He becomes silent by preference usually. When telling, he excludes redundant words and utters the thought skillfully. Therefore, it is claimed that this kind of silence is fluent. The power is beyond language. サー・トーマス・ブラウン

◇討論は男性的にして会話は女性的、前者は四角形にして後者は円形、且つその基底をなすのは唯一の射光点である The discussion is masculine, and the conversation is feminine. The former is a quadrangle, and the latter is circular. And it is an only radio spot to become the base. アルコット

◇質問は、紳士の間では会話の法式ではない Among gentlemen, there is not the question in the formality of the conversation. ジョンソン

◇予がかく会議を好むに至りしは、老齢の賜物である It is the old result that I came to like a meeting in this way. シセロ

◇言語は動作と同じく、之を慎まなければならない The language must refrain from this as well as operation. シセロ

◇他人に対し、若くは他人の事に関して言語を慎め When you relate to it about for another person or another person, be careful with a language. フィールジンク

◇ギリシャの勇士ユリッセスは、人類中の最も雄弁で且つ最も沈黙せる人の一人である、彼は演説の言語の利益が、隠蔽せる言語の利益に及ばない事を知っていた In human beings, warrior Ulysses of Greece is the most fluent and is one of those who become silent most. He knew that the profits of the language of a speech were less than the profits of the language to conceal. ブルーム

◇汝の言語、汝の事業、汝の朋友に真実であれ Make it true about your language, your enterprise, and your friend. ボイル

◇常に真実を話すことの訓練は、雄弁の証拠である Training of always speaking about truth is a fluent proof. ハリバートン

◇お世辞は、毒蜜を含んでいる The compliment contains poisonous honey. 古諺 Old proverb

◇人はお世辞のみを受ける為に、質実なる勤労をなすものではない Man does not do the work that is soberness and plainness, in order to receive only a compliment. スポルジョン

◇善い行いの人は、善く説教する The good person of a deed does a good sermon. イスパニア俚諺 Spain proverb

◇説教者がその説教の如く篤信でないと同様に、著述家は其の著述の如く道徳的でない Unless a preacher is devoutness like the sermon, similarly a writer is not so moral as the writing. ジャン・ポール

◇説教の目的は人類が不断に忘却しつゝあることを不断に思い起さしめをことにある ‐ 人智の欠陥を補充する為にあるのではなくて、人類の決意の弱さを強めるためにある The purpose of a sermon makes constant recollect that human beings forget in constant. There is not the purpose of a sermon in order to fill up the defect of human intelligence, but there is in order to strengthen the weakness of a decision of human beings. シドニー・スミス

◇談話は短いことが善い The short thing of a discourse is good. 独国俚諺 German proverb

◇偉人の談話は、凡人の話よりもぞんざいで且つ大胆である A great man's discourse is impolite and bolder than an ordinary man's talk. セネカ

◇大衆の中で話さなければ到底満足の出来ない人に限って、其の種の談話に堪能でないものである The man who cannot do satisfaction at all if it does not talk in the public is not good at such a discourse. トマス・ア・ケムピス

◇泉が清く澄んでいる如く、談話は優しく真であれ Make a discourse true gently so that the spring is purely clear. 独国俚諺 German proverb

◇私が感謝しなければならない一つの趣味がある。此の趣味は各々異なる境遇の下に常に私に利益を与え、畢生の間私の幸福の源となった。そうして私が失敗を重ね凌辱を蒙る時でも猶不幸を防ぐ楯となった。是れは果して如何なる趣味であるか、読書の趣味がこれである。人がもしもこの趣味を持ってこれを満足する方法を知っておったならば幸福を享受することを誤らないであろう There is a hobby which I have to appreciate. Under respectively different circumstances, the hobby always gave me profits, and became my happy source between the whole life. And even when I repeated failure and received insult, in addition, it became a shield which prevents a misfortune. What kind of hobby is it sure enough? It is a hobby of reading. It has this hobby, and if man knows how to satisfy this, he will not mistake enjoying happiness. サー・ジョン・ハーシェル

◇談話は心の画である Discourses are pictures of the mind. 英国俚諺 British proverb

◇談話に分別あるのは雄弁に優る Since a discourse has judgment, it surpasses eloquently. 英国俚諺 British proverb

◇人は、多く哲学者の様に談話し、愚人の様に生活する Many people have a conversation like a philosopher, and live like a fool. 英国俚諺 British proverb

◇理解益々多くなれば、言語は益々少なくなる If an understanding increases increasingly, language will decrease increasingly. 独国俚諺 German proverb

◇虚言は雪の如くに消ゆ A lie disappears like snow. 独国俚諺 German proverb

◇吾人の思想を秘すべき唯一の方法は、言語、文章に於て之を束縛することにある The only method which must make our thought secret is restricting this in a language and a text. トルコ俚諺 Turkey proverb

◇断言は証拠でない Assertion is not proof. 独国俚諺 German proverb

◇事実は言語よりも美しい The fact is more beautiful than language. 英国俚諺 British proverb

◇誤謬は詐欺でない A mistake is not fraud. 独国俚諺 German proverb

◇代言人と画工とは、白を忽ち黒に変ずることが出来る Speaking-by-proxy man and limner can change white into black immediately. デンマーク俚諺 Denmark proverb

◇良き演説家となるには、シセロとトロスシアスとを兼ねなければならない In order to become a good speaker, you have to serve both as Cicero and トロスシアス. 英国俚諺 British proverb

◇言語の流暢なるは、才知の証拠ではない The fluent thing of language is not the proof of intelligence. 英国俚諺 British proverb

◇定期刊行物は、文章の地を肥す枯葉である Periodicals are dead leaves which fertilize the ground of a text. 英国俚諺 British proverb

◇詩人は天性なれども、雄弁は習性である Eloquence is a habit although a poet is nature. 英国俚諺 British proverb

◇知識は、書籍という源泉から流れ出る Knowledge flows out of the fountainhead called books. ギリシャ俚諺 Greece proverb

◇無用の雄弁はシプレッス(檜の一種)に似ている、大にして高きも、実を持たない The useless eloquence resembles a cypress (kind of japanese cypress). It is greatly high, but does not have a fruit. 英国俚諺 British proverb

◇文庫は、精神の病気を治療する薬室の一つである A library is one of the rooms of the medicine which treats mental illness. ギリシャ俚諺 Greece proverb

◇重大なる事業をなそう欲するならば、言語を少なくせよ When you want to do serious business, reduce a language. デンマーク俚諺 Denmark proverb

◇人は多く其口を以て与えるも、其手を以て与えない Although many people help by the mouth, they do not help by hand. 独国俚諺 German proverb

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