GLN 金言名言 Maxim. Wise saying.

K 自然科学 Natural science、動植物 Animals and plants ‐ K-36 植物 Plant

◇桜の樹は、大音響を以て倒るゝ時初めてその存在を告知する。桜の樹が倒される時はその音全林に響けども、幾百の桜の実は、気付かれぬ風に依って黙々の裡に植えつけらる A cherry tree notifies of the existence for the first time, when it has large sound and falls. When a cherry tree is felled, the sound sounds in all the woods, but the fruits of many cherry trees are silently planted by the wind which is not noticed. カーライル

◇樹は、其の実によって知らる A tree is known with the fruits. 英国俚諺 British proverb

◇葉の多い葡萄の樹は、実が少い The tree of a grape with many leaves has few fruits. 古諺 Old proverb

◇春花咲かざれば、秋実ならず If a flower does not bloom in spring, it will be failing in fruits in autumn. 英国俚諺 British proverb

◇苦きを味った人でなければ、甘きを知らぬ If it is not the person who tasted "it is bitter", it will not know "it is sweet." 独国俚諺 German proverb

◇各植物は、それぞれその寄生物を持っている如く、それぞれの被造物は、それぞれその愛人と詩人とを持っている Each something created has the lover and poet, respectively as each plant has the parasitism thing, respectively.

◇果実が欲しいなら、花を採るな Don't take a flower, if you want fruits. 英国俚諺 British proverb

◇最も甘き葡萄は、最も高き所に懸る The sweetest grape depends on the highest part. 独国俚諺 German proverb

◇甘き葡萄より出でたる酢は強い The vinegar which came out of the sweet grape is strong. 伊国俚諺 Italian proverb

◇葡萄酒を飲み蓋し樽の滓に至る時、友は皆散る、その不信義なること不幸の軛(くびき)を共に荷うべくもあらず Wine is drunk, and when resulting in the dregs of a barrel, all friends break up. Neither of the faithless thing carries out bearing the "yoke" of a misfortune. ホレース

◇バラには刺がある、銀水の泉も濁る、雲と蝕とは、太陽と月を汚蝕する There is a prickle in a rose. The spring of silver water also becomes muddy. Clouds and eclipsing are eclipse about the sun and the moon.

◇美しきバラの花は、刺の上に開く、これによって我は知る、悲哀の遂に徳となるべきを The flower of a beautiful rose is opened on a prickle. By this, I know "sadness will become virtue at last." W・スミス博士

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