GLN 金言名言 Maxim. Wise saying.

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◇歴史は、模範によって教える哲学である History is philosophy taught by a model. ダイオニシアス

◇史学は人の知恵を増し、詩学は人の機知を増す、数学は人をして精密ならしめ、理学は人の思想を深くす、道徳は人をして端正ならしめ、文学と論理学とは人をして議論に長じさせる A historian increases people's wisdom. Poetics increases people's wit. Mathematics makes people precise. Physical science makes people's thought deep. Morality makes people seemly. People are made to argue about literature and logic.

◇歴史を閲読することは平静なる楽しみである、しかし読者の心裏に若し史家の情緒と恰かも相符号せる情緒を起さなければ少しも楽しみとならないであろう It is calm pleasure to peruse history. However, it will not become pleasure at all, if the emotion which carries out emotion of a historian a mark to readers' mind mutually is not started. It is peaceful pleasure to peruse the history. However, it will not become a pleasure at all if I do not wake up the emotion of the historiographer and emotion to perform a mark each other on the heart back of the reader. ヒウム

◇此世界に於ては、相互扶助が必要である In this world, mutual help is required. フォンテーヌ

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