GLN 金言名言 Maxim. Wise saying.

D 文化教養 Culture ‐ D-15 勇気 Courage、立志 Mind、精神 Soul、善悪 Good and evil

◇勇気は、自由、無罪、権利を保護する Courage protects freedom, innocence, and a right. ボートウィン

◇大胆なれ、大胆なれ、何処に於ても大胆なれ Make it bold. Make it bold. Make it bold in anywhere. スペンサー

◇公道は諸徳の至善なるものである、之がなければ勇気は諧謔に過ぎない In the public road, various virtue leads to good. Without this, the courage is only banter. ウォーライ

◇危険に遭遇しない人は、勇気を誇ることが出来ない The person who does not encounter danger cannot be proud of courage. ロシフーコー

◇悪をなす者は、すべて光を憎む All the people that do wrong hate light. 聖ヨハネ Saint John the Baptist

◇精神の卓越と偉大とは、富を軽蔑することに最も明かに見らる It is most clearly concluded by despising wealth that it is as great as mental excellence. ラテン俚諺 Latin proverb

◇高き地位は岩の頂の如し、鷲と爬虫が其処に到着するを得るのみ A high status seems to be a rock summit. Only an eagle and reptiles can arrive there. ネッカー夫人

◇どんな高所と雖も人間の達し得ないものはない、しかしそこには堅い決意と自信によらなければ昇り得ない There is nothing that man cannot reach at any heights. However, if not based on a hard decision and confidence, it cannot rise there.

◇習慣は天性の十倍である A custom is 10 times the nature. ウェリントン

◇悪癖が美しく愛すべき被造物を不具にしたのである A bad habit made fault something created which should be loved beautifully. スターン

◇心に罪を思う者は、罪を犯し易い The person who considers a crime to the mind tends to commit a crime. ズライデン

◇多くの危険な誘惑は、たゞ表面だけを頗る花やかに着飾って来る Many dangerous temptation is dressed up very gaily, and merely comes only the surface. ヘンリー

◇剛健の人のみ真の優しさを持ち得る Only a strong and sturdy person can have true tenderness. ラ・ローシ

◇野心の若芽より、総ての貴い物は成長する All the valuable things grow from young bud of ambition. イングリシュ

◇どの小魚も鯨になりたいと思う Every small fish wants to become a whale. デンマーク俚諺 Denmark proverb

◇真実の勇気は、哲学研究に必要な第一の資格である True courage is the first qualification required for philosophy research. ヘーゲル

◇過去の口実は、却ってその過失を大ならしめる The past excuse makes the negligence large on the contrary.

◇世間の言葉に「もっと向うに」と言うことがある、これは向上の動機となり絶対の休息を恐れさせる It may say to public words, "It is beyond more." This serves as a motive of improvement and makes an absolute rest feared. フォンテーヌ

◇善をなすには考慮を要しない、善を悪になすものは疑いである Consideration is not required when performing the good. It is the doubt which makes good behavior the wrongdoing.

◇一方に於て社会の進歩があると共に、他方には精神の堕落がある While one side has social progress, another side has mental degeneration. アミール

◇精神の高尚堅固なる人は百難に臨むとも、挫折することなく、かえって泰然自若として自由に思慮を廻らし、予め不慮に備えて必須の機会を待つ Although the person in which soul is noble and strong attends all obstacles, he is not frustrated. It is made rather perfectly calm and prudence is exercised freely. And beforehand, it prepares for unexpected and waits for an indispensable opportunity. シセロ

◇小さい斧もしばしば打てば、最も堅い樫をも倒す The hardest oak will also be felled if a small ax is also often struck.

◇剛毅果断で善を選び、不撓不屈で誘惑に抵抗し、好んで重責を負担し、困難に遭って泰然たる者を大人という In hardy resolution, it is decisive and chooses the good. It is undaunted and resists temptation. A heavy responsibility is paid by preference. A calm person is called adult even if it encounters difficult. セネカ

◇耳と目とは窓、口は家の戸口、此の三つをよく守らば悪しき物は出入せじ An ear and eyes are windows and a mouth is the door of a house. If these three are protected well, a bad thing will not go in and out. 独国俚諺 German proverb

◇勇敢にして、真実なる者には難攻なし A brave and true person does not have difficulty. 格言 Maxim

◇善事をなすのは、確かに人の一生に生ける唯一の幸福な行為である To be sure, good behavior is the only happy act in man's lifetime. サー・P・シドニー

◇善人は危難に逢いて益々善なることは、猶香気の圧し砕かれて、益々香しくなるのと同じ A thing and a fragrance that a good person encounters danger and becomes the good more and more overwhelm it and are crushed and are the same as one becoming which incense spreads. ロジャース

◇我が力は、十人の力に当る、なぜならば我が心清くあればである My power is equivalent to 10 human power. Because, it is if my mind is clean.

◇忍耐は、運命の主人 Patience is a master of fate. カムペル

◇悪は単に消極的にして積極的にあらず、即ち寒が熱の除かれた状態と同じく Wrong is only negative and is not positive. That is, cold is the same as that of state where heat was removed. ラ・ローン

◇善を行う力は、真実にして合法的なる理想の極致である The power of good behavior is the zenith of a true and lawful ideal.

◇罪悪を犯してまで死を遁れることは、善ではない It is not the good to commit sin and to escape death. トマス・ア・ケンピス

◇汝は若し氷の如く清潔で雪の如く純白であっても、猶讒言(ざんげん)を遁れることは出来ない If you are cleanly like ice and white like snow, in addition, you cannot escape slander.

◇いとも価値の高い人は、最も讒言を蒙り易い、之を譬えれば、最良の果実は鳥のために啄まれ易いのと同じ A very worthy person tends to receive slander. If it puts in another way, the best fruits are the same as what is easy to be picked with a bird. スウィフト

◇死人の労力を盗むものは、其の衣服を盗むことよりも、その罪は大きい The crime is larger than what steals a dead person's labor steals the clothes. シネシアス

◇快活なる精神には悪はない、頓智は均衡の乱調子を示す There is no wrong in cheerful soul. Ready wit shows turbulent tone of balance. ノファリス

◇善き性質と善き理解とは、通常相伴うものである It is usually accompanied by good character and good understanding. ポープ

◇善き性質は精神の美にして、肉体美の如く殆ど単独でもって人を魅了する Good character is mental beauty. Like physical beauty, people are almost charmed independently. ハンウェー

◇自暴自棄を慎め、最暗黒の日も、明日を待てば過ぎ去るであろう Refrain from self-abandonment. The day of the maximum darkness will also pass away, if it waits for tomorrow. 英国俚諺 British proverb

◇罪を犯したる人に良心が与える苦悶は、直ちに通過する、良心は臆病にして自から阻止し得ない罪過を十分に責問する権利を持たない Agony which conscience gives to the person who committed the crime passes immediately. Conscience is cowardly. Conscience does not have a right about which the offense which cannot be prevented naturally is fully cross-questioned.

◇汝の真面目なる思想に少しおどけを加味せよ Consider a little buffoonery to your serious thought. ホレース

◇悪魔の顎骨がリンゴをタネにして、一切の害悪を此の世に持込んだ The devilish jawbone used the apple as the seed. And all harm was brought to this world. 古諺 Old proverb

◇万事を平易に取れ、空想や冥想を捨てよ、しからば汝は一千の害悪より完全に免れ得べし Make all the plain. Throw away a fancy and meditation. If doing it so, you can escape from the harm of 1000 completely. ウーランド

◇侫人は、最も恨むべき敵である A crafty person is an enemy who should blame most. タシタス

◇諂諛(てんゆ)は、悪徳の養成所である "Flattering" is a vicious training school. ダニエル

◇情欲の奴隷でない人を予に与えよ、そうすれば私は衷心より之に従わん Give me the person who is not a slave of sensual appetite. Then, I follow this from a true mind.

◇貪欲は、悪にして愚である "It is avaricious" is foolish at wrong. グレヴィル

◇貪欲を除かんと欲するならば、先ず其の母たる奢侈を除かねばならぬ If you would try to like to remove "it is avaricious", you have to remove the luxury of the mother of that first. シセロ

◇無罪の人は、雄弁が必要でない An innocent person does not need eloquence. ベン・ジョンソン

◇罪人は、些少の雷鳴にも顔色を変える A sinner turns pale also at a little roll of thunder. ジュヴェナル

◇あゝ顔は己の罪を露わす、之を防ぐのは実に難しい Truly, a face expresses itself's crime. It is very difficult to prevent this. オヴィッド

◇讒者(ざんしゃ)に耳を傾ける人は、讒者自身よりもなお悪い In addition, the person who listens to "the person which slanders" is worse than the "person which slanders" itself. ドミシアン

◇死人を讒言するのは、恰かも嫉妬深い犬が骨に吠え、之を咬むに似ている Though it barks at a bone and a just jealous dog chews this, it resembles it that defamatory words work as a dead person. ゼノー

◇少年が始めて世に出るに当っては、予め先ず自分は厳しい現実世界に生活するのである。この世界は只外観のみであって、宝物ではないと言うことを深く心に銘さねばならぬ When a boy appears in the world for the first time, he lives in the severe real world beforehand first. He has to bear deeply saying, "This world is merely only appearance and is not a treasure" in mind. ブラッキー

◇社会に出る初めに当って、自分の意見を話すことを恐れる人は、遂に吾が希望を考えることを恐れるようになるであろう Probably, the person who fears speaking about the opinion of one fears that he considers hope at last in the start which comes out to society. ブラッキー

◇あゝその欺瞞があのような優しい形を取り、美徳の瞼甲 ( めんぼう )を以て深い悪徳を隠そうとは Truly, the deception will take that form like gentle, and will hide a deep vice by ventail of a virtue. 沙翁「リチャード三世」より From Shakespeare. "Richard III"

◇欺されるに最も確実な道は、自分を他より賢いと考えることである The most positive way for being deceived is considering that he is wiser than others. ラ・ローン

◇予言には、誰も尊敬を払わない、たゞ阿諛(へつらい)と甘言にのみ注意を傾倒する Nobody respects in prediction. Cautions are merely concentrated only on flattery and honeyed words.

◇阿諛(あゆ)は馬鹿の食物だとは、小学校の古い格言なのに、それでも才人達はちょいちょいこれをおつまみになさる Flattery is a foolish person's food. This is an old proverb of an elementary school. Men of talent sometimes still make this a dish. スウィフト

◇何事にもまして、あら捜しと批評癖とを避くべし Avoid faultfinding and a criticism peculiarity rather than what. ブラッキー教授の青年訓 Professor Blackie's admonitory speech for young men

◇神が「今日」と言う時に、悪魔は「明日」と言う When God calls it "today", an evil spirit calls it "tomorrow." 独国俚諺 German proverb

◇悪魔は男を釣ろうとして、其の鈎に美女を付ける An evil spirit tries to decoy a man and attaches a beauty to the fishhook. 古諺 Old proverb

◇忍耐と時間とは、腕力と乱暴よりも遥かに沢山の事を成し遂げる With patience and the time, it accomplishes a lot than physical strength and violence very much. フォンテーヌ

◇忍耐なき人は、憐むべきものである The person without the patience is poor.

◇失望とは、無智の下せる判断である Disappointment is an ignorant person's judgment.

◇汝の問題を熟考せよ、そうすれば問題は自然に解釈し易くなって来、遂に一種の電光の如き物が一瞬間頭脳を震動し刺激を与える、これこそが天才の盛んに顕れる時なのである Consider your problem carefully. Then, it becomes easy to interpret a problem automatically. At last, a thing like a kind of lightning shakes brains during an instant, and gives a stimulus. This is a time of genius appearing briskly. ニュートン

◇思慮分別は、堪忍の中にあると云うことを知りなさい Discretion is in patience. 加藤清正 Katou Kiyomasa

◇貴方の変更することの出来ない事には、たゞ忍耐しなくてはならぬ For your being unable to change, merely persevere. パブリアス・サイラス

◇嘲り非難しようとの心を以て知識を探求する者は、確かにその気分に合するものを見出す、しかも己れの教えとなるものを発見しない The person who aspires to ridicule, and searches for knowledge finds out the thing which surely suits the feeling. Besides, he does not discover a thing becoming the teaching of his own.

◇嘲りは、概して虐げらるゝ者の上に振りかけられる Derision is sprinkled on the person oppressed generally. ダンテ

◇人々は、たゞ賞讃を博さんがために自嘲する People sneer at themselves noting that they will merely get praise. ラ・ローシフーコー

◇憤怒に勝つのは、大敵に勝つのである Winning anger is winning a powerful enemy. パブリアス・サイラス

◇憤怒は、愚者の胸裏に住る Anger lives in the fool's bosom. 聖書  Bible

◇憤怒は、痴事に始り、後悔に終る Anger starts with imbecility and finishes it as regret.

◇口に言う所の善事を身に行う人は、幸福である The person who does "carrying out one's words" of the good thing is happy. 英国俚諺 British proverb

◇頌讃は、善人を益々善に、悪人を益々悪に傾かせる Praise inclines a good person to the good and inclines a bad man to wrong increasingly. 英国俚諺 British proverb

◇善き注意は、不運を防ぐ Good cautions prevent non-fate. 英国俚諺 British proverb

◇凡て人は、我が敵を悪人と考える All persons consider their enemy to be a bad man. 英国俚諺 British proverb

◇剛毅果断は、天の好む所である Heavens like dauntless and decisive. 英国俚諺 British proverb

◇羽の生えぬ間は、飛ばんと試みるな Don't try to fly, while feather does not grow. オランダ俚諺 Netherlands proverb

◇粗暴は、勇気ではない Rudeness is not courage. 英国俚諺 British proverb

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