GLN 金言名言 Maxim. Wise saying.

A 生活 Life ‐ A-05 社交 Society、才能 Talent、旅行 Travel、休息 Rest

◇流行は痴人の用語である Fashion is an idiot's term. チャーチル

◇吾人は、流行の力によって最も不適当なるものに導かれる We are led to the most unsuitable thing by the power of fashion. スペクテータ

◇頓智と断定とは、たとえ夫婦の如く相互に助けるにも拘わらず、時には相争うことがある In spite of helping mutually like husband and wife even if as ready wit and a decision, occasionally it may fight mutually. ポープ

◇単に才能を持っているというだけでなく、或る事に才能を持ちなさい Have a talent not only in having a talent but in a certain thing. ソーロー

◇才能はなくとも、人格は具えねばならぬ You have to have the character, although it is talentless. ハイネ

◇天禀(てんぴん)の能力は、自然生の植物の如く、即ち研磨によって刈り込むことが必要である The capability of natural talents needs to cut by polish like a natural plant.

◇才智の魅力は嘆賞を刺激し、心霊の魅力は尊敬を、肉体の魅力は愛を誘発する The charm of "wit and intelligence" stimulates high praise. The charm of the spirit induces respect. A corporal charm induces love. 仏国俚諺 France proverb

◇哀悼は、幼い子供達にはたゞ翌朝までしか続かない Condolence merely follows young children only till the next morning. 英国俚諺 British proverb

◇この世の物であって、二つと同一の物は無い、万物みな多少の卓(すぐ)れし特性を持っている It is a thing of this world and there is no same thing as two. Everything all has the characteristic which was excellent in some. チャーチル

◇才能をよく知って磨けよ、しからば天才の域に到るであろう。天才は大なる忍耐力に過ぎない Get to know the talent well and polish it. Then, genius's domain will be reached. Genius is only big patience. ブツフォン

◇天才は我等の才能が、一層強度に洗練されたものに外ならない For genius, our talent was further refined by intensity. ハイドン

◇才は剣の如し、善く之を用いれば、それは身を護るに足り、善く之を用いなければ、身を殺すであろう Talent seems to be a sword. If this is used well, it is sufficient for protecting oneself. He will be killed if this is not used well. 佐藤一斎

◇記憶は、我等の放逐されることのない唯一の楽園である Memory is the only paradise which is not expelled from us. ジャン・ポール

◇セミストクルスの不運の主要原因は、彼が自己の天才と勇気とを自負的に評価したところにある There is an unfortunate leading cause of Themistocles in his having evaluated his own genius and courage in self-confidence. ネポス

◇君子は、その独りを慎しむ The saint is careful with the single life. 中庸

◇才能は殿堂を飾る黄金の如く、優雅は黄金を聖化する殿堂の如し The talent seems to be the gold with which a palace is decorated. elegance seems to be the palace which carries out God consecration of the gold. バーケット

◇記者の大手腕は、愉快なる隠語を選択することに於て自ら表われる Journalistic big skill appears itself in choosing a pleasant cant. アジソン

◇人の歩行は、転びの連続である(七転び八起き) A walk of a person is continuation falling over (vicissitudes of fortune). 英国俚諺 British proverb

◇閑散の人は、溜水の如く遂に腐敗する A leisurely person decomposes at last like collected water. 仏国俚諺 France proverb

◇坐り心地よくば、其処から動くな If comfort is good(nice to sit on) , do not move from that place. 英国俚諺 British proverb

◇ぬば玉の夜陰は、疲れたる心を癒す静寂にして、昼間の労をねぎらう霊楽、人類の慰安であ る Midnight is the silence which cures mind which got tired. It is "peacefulness" which appreciates the trouble of daytime. It is a consolation of human beings.レ・ハント

◇旅行は、真正なる知識を与える大きな源である A travel is a big source which gives genuine knowledge.

◇人々は、休息の場所を見出さざることを呟く。彼等は誤れり、彼等が真に呟くべきことは、その求める当の休息と心情とが仇敵なる点である(万事は気の持ちよう) People murmur that the place of rest is not found. They are mistaken. Their having to murmur truly is that the rest for which it asks and feelings are an enemy (All is durability one of the mind).

◇休息は多忙より来る、そうして又多忙は休息より来る Rest comes from busyness. Then, busyness comes from rest again. 独国俚諺 German proverb

◇常に休息すれば怠惰になる It will become idle if it always rests. スターン

◇休息は、労働の医者である Rest is a doctor of labor.

◇昼眠る者は、夜飢える The person who sleeps in the daytime is hungry at night. フリープレッス

◇無益な労働は、徒労である Useless labor is lost labor. ヒトパデサ

◇汝の退屈に感謝せよ、退屈は、成人の決定証なれば The thou thank for boredom of the thou. Because the boredom is an identification of decision of the adult. カーライル

◇真夜中前の一時間の睡眠は、その後の二時間の眠りに優る The sleep for 1 hour of before midnight, surpasses the sleep for 2 hours of after that. 英国俚諺 British proverb

◇老若を問わず、睡眠は七時間で充分である Sleep is enough in 7 hours regardless of young and old. 古諺 Old proverb

◇金銭を誇る人は、他に殆んど誇る物の無い人である The person who is proud of money is a person without the thing which it is otherwise almost proud of. 英国俚諺 British proverb

◇人若し出来事を先見し得たらんには、彼は決して貧しくはならないであろう If a person can do the foresight of the occurrence, he will never become poor. 仏国俚諺 France proverb

◇約束は負債である A promise is a debt. 独国俚諺 German proverb

◇約束はサック(ポケット)を満たさない A promise does not fill a sack (pocket). 独国俚諺 German proverb

◇朋友間の交際は、植物の様なものである。之にしばしば水を注がなくてはならない The relations between friends are like a plant. You often have to fill this with water. 独国俚諺 German proverb

◇他人の危険を見て、自ら戒める者は、幸である The person who looks at others' danger and admonishes himself is happy. ラテン俚諺 Latin proverb

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