GLN 金言名言 Maxim. Wise saying.

A 生活 Life ‐ A-04 夫婦 Husband and wife、共存 Coexistence、友 Friend、婦人 Woman、親 Parents、兄弟 Brother

◇他人を嫉む者は、それより劣る者である The person who envies others is a person inferior to it. 古諺 Old proverb

◇兄弟は、天の授けたる友である A brother is the friend whom heavens gave. ロングフェロー

◇主人が主人なれば、下男も下男 A waiting man is also a waiting man if a master is a master. 英国俚諺 British proverb

◇奥様が奥様なれば、下女も下女 A servant girl is also a servant girl if Madam is Madam. 英国俚諺 British proverb

◇王の息子は、其の朋輩よりも貴きものではない A king's son is not more valuable than the colleague. ゲール諺 Gaelic proverb

◇友情は、理解をもてる愛である Friendship is love with an understanding. 古諺 Old proverb

◇好い遊戯は、早く止めよ Stop good play early. 古諺 Old proverb

◇友情は、速かに育つ植物の如きものではない Friendship is not a thing like the plant which grows promptly. ジョアンナ・ベイル

◇境遇のよい生れは、偶然であって、美徳にならない The good birth of circumstances is accidental and does not become a virtue. メタスタシオ

◇他人は、我等が己れの心を読むに必要なるレンズである Others are lenses required to read our own mind.

◇だんらんは、我等の殆んど総ての職業の目的であり、我等の総ての苦痛の共通的報酬である A happy circle is the purpose of almost all the our occupations, and is the common remuneration of all the pain of ours. フィールディク

◇小人は巨人の肩に上れば、巨人よりも遠くを見る A small person will look at a long distance rather than a giant, if it goes up to a giant's shoulder. コールリッジ

◇同類互に治癒す(二日酔いの向え酒) The same kind recovers mutually (a hangover being able to go alcohol). 英国俚諺 British proverb

◇何処も同じ、友は類を以て集る The same may be said of where. Friends gather by a kind. 古諺 Old proverb

◇意に叛いた結婚は地獄の如し、絶間のない争論の源である The marriage contrary to mind seems to be hell. It is a source of the dispute without an intermission.

◇急いだ結婚は、後悔の始めになる Hurried marriage becomes the beginning of regret. コングリーブ

◇結婚は万人の幸福の花であるが、又害虫にもなる It also becomes a noxious insect although marriage is everybody's happy flower. バイロン

◇妻は、花嫁より貴い A wife is more valuable than a bride. リットルトン

◇児童は、先生に感化される A child is influenced with a teacher. ライサンダー

◇指環は結婚を作り、環は鎖を作る A finger ring makes marriage and a ring makes a chain. シルレル

◇夢は詩と伝説との輝ける創造物にして、それ等は夜の間、地上にたわむれ、太陽の最初の光りと共に消え去るのである The dream is the creature which can shine with poetry and the legend. They play on the ground during night and pass away with the solar first light. ディケンズ

◇夢は怠惰なる頭脳の子にして、空気の如く薄く、又風よりも変り易き実体の空しき幻想の外、何物をも生じない The dream is a child of a lazy brain. It is easy to change than wind like air again thinly and, other than an empty fantasy of the substance, does not produce anything else either.

◇良伴侶と良談話とは、美徳の骨子である A good companion and a good discourse are the main points of a virtue. イザーク・ウォルトン

◇善い伴侶があれば、如何なる道も遠くはない Any roads are not far if there is a good companion. トルコ諺 Turkey proverb

◇友は一人ひとりと去る、友を失わない人ありや、此処には終りのない心の結合なるものはない The friend leaves one by one. Will there be the person who does not lose a friend? Here does not have the combination of mind without the end. J・モソトゴメリー

◇聞き慣れた曲は最も面白く、竹馬の友は最も確か Familiar music is the most interesting and the childhood friend is the most sane. 英国俚諺 British proverb

◇二人は伴侶である、三人はそうでない(三人連は喧嘩の基) Two persons are companions however, three persons are not so (a three-person companion is a basis of a quarrel). 英国俚諺 British proverb

◇ひそかに汝の友を諌めて、公に之を誉めよ Admonish of thou friend secretly. Praise this publicly. パピリアス・サイラス

◇朋友の饗応には徐かに行き、其危難には速に行け Go to entertain a friend slowly. Go to the danger promptly. チロー

◇口に蜜を蓄えれば友を増す A friend will be increased if honey is stored in a mouth. スペクテーター

◇愚鈍なる友より煩わしいものはない There is no thing more troublesome than a stupid friend. ブロ−タス

◇旧友は無上の友である An old friend is the greatest friend. セルデン

◇朋友をもつ唯一の方法は独居するにある The only method to have a companion is to stay alone.

◇友誼は人生の調味にして、又其の鎮痛剤である Amity is a seasoning of life. Moreover, it is the painkiller. リチャードソン

◇人生にあって交友の快楽より貴重なる快楽はない In life, there is no precious pleasure rather than friend's pleasure. ジョンソン

◇婦人よ善ならんと求めよ、大ならんと求めるでない、婦人の美はその謙遜にある A woman, demand that it is good. You must not demand a big thing. As for the beauty of the woman is modest. リットルトン

◇婦人が此の世に在りてなすべ事は息女、姉妹、妻、母の義務中に悉く包含されている It is entirely included in the duty of "a daughter, a sister, a wife, and a mother" that a woman carries out in this world. スケール

◇地上における有徳なる愛らしき婦人に比較し得るものはない There is nothing that may be compared with "a virtuously lovely woman" on the earth. アラビア物語 Arabia tale

◇活発なる雄弁も其の効果は婦人の沈黙に及ばない Also in active eloquence, the effect is less than a woman's silence. ミンエライ

◇山海の珍味あるも、婦人が居らなければ、どうしようか If there is not a woman even if there are many kinds of delicacies, what should I do? ジェー・ホワートン

◇有徳なる婦人は良人の命令に従いて、却って良人を指導する The woman who is virtuous obeys the order of the husband, but a husband is guided on the contrary. サイラス

◇婦人は或は憎しみ、或は愛するも、其の中庸を保つことは難しい The woman hates it and loves it, but it is difficult to keep the moderation. サイラス

◇婦人の憂愁は夏日の暴風雨の如く、烈しくとも短い Although female melancholy is intense like the rainstorm of a summer day, it is short. ジョアン・ベーリー

◇思慮なき婦人は、恰かも豚の鼻に飾られた宝玉の如きものである The woman without thought is a thing like the jewelry decorated by the nose of the pig. 聖書 Bible

◇顔は精神の門であって、其の肖像である A face is a mental gate and is the portrait. シセロ

◇婦人の装飾は、その礼譲にある The civility includes the decoration of the woman. シンゲールス

◇女子とリンネルとは、決して蝋燭の火で見るな Never don't see a woman and linen for the fire of a candle. 英国俚諺 British proverb

◇食卓で食うことを恥かしがる女は、内所で食う Woman that thinks embarrassed to eat at the table, eat in secret. 古諺 Old proverb

◇綺麗、装飾、着物、これらは女の特徴である、此等の中に在りて、彼女等は喜び楽しむ "Beauty, an ornament, and clothes" are a woman's features. In these, they are glad and enjoy themselves. リヴィー

◇婦人の性質は、われに明瞭である、求めれば彼等は拒み、拒めば彼等は求むる Female character is approximately clear. If it asks, they refuse, and if it refuses, they will ask. クーレンス

◇言葉の遅いことは、婦人の唯一の美徳である The late thing of language is the female only virtue.

◇酒と婦人とは、苦難の原因である Alcohol and a woman caused distress. マーシャル

◇貞操なる細君は、良人を純潔優美なる愉快を感じさせ、彼女の容貌は最も美麗なる花園の様に、又彼女の精神は最も有益なる書籍の様である The wife who is virtue impresses purely graceful pleasure for a husband. Her looks seem to be the most beautiful garden of flowers. Moreover, her soul seems to be the most useful books. カウレー

◇男は最初に最も熱烈に愛し、女は最後に最も長く愛す。これは女を男に勝ち得しめる自然の本性である A man loves most ardently first and, finally a woman loves for a long time. This is natural true character which a woman makes a man win. G・W・カージス

◇欠点のない友を信頼するな、そうして処女に恋をLても、天使を恋するな Do not trust the friend flawless. Moreover, even in love with virgin, please do not love the angel. レッシング

◇何事にも、吾人はその終結を熟考しなければならぬ Also for everything, we have to consider the conclusion carefully. 仏国俚諺 France proverb

◇私は淑女等との同席を好む、私は彼女等の美しさと優しさと快活さ、そして沈黙を好む I like the company with a lady etc. I like their beauty, tenderness, cheerful, and silence. ジョンソン

◇年少き淑女の愛情は、いんげんまめの茎の様にずんずん伸びて、一夜のうちに天空に達する The love of a young lady is prolonged like the stem of kidney beans rapidly. It reaches the heavens during night. サッカレー

◇勤勉、信心なる賢婦人は、家の精神である An industrious, prayerful, and wise woman is the soul of a house. ソーン

◇謙譲は女の美である The modesty is the beauty of the woman. ゲール諺 Gaelic proverb

◇女の美と森のこだまと虹とは、直ちに消える A woman's beauty, the echo in woods, and a rainbow disappear immediately. 独国俚諺 German proverb

◇妻は(夫の)若き時は愛人であり、中年にはよき相談相手となり、そうして老年には看護婦となる When a wife is young (husband), it is a lover, and it becomes an adviser good for the middle age, it becomes a nurse for the old age.

◇彼女はバラの如く、朝の一時のみバラの生涯を送りぬ She lives a life of the rose like a rose only in a second of the morning. モーラーブ

◇バラは死してまた蘇るを我等は見れど、我等の盛時は然らず We see it revive, although a rose dies. However, our prosperous age is not so. シャールヴァー

◇美しき女は心霊の「地獄」、財布の「浄罪所」、そうして目の極楽である Beautiful woman is "hell" of the spirit, "the place that purifies a crime" of a wallet, then the paradise of eyes. フォンテネル

◇円満完備な婦人は、気高き用意をもって諌め、慰め、命令する By noble preparation, a completely harmonious woman admonishes, is comforted and orders. ワーズワース

◇女は年令に関係なく、常にその意のままに、自治を許さざるべきである Women must not always permit self-government on the will regardless of age. H・マン

◇友と知己とは、幸運に至る確かなる旅行免状である A friend and an acquaintance are clear travel diplomas which result fortunately. ショウペンハウエル

◇子を持たない者は、愛の何者たるかを知らない The person without a child does not know "what it is with love." 英国俚諺 British proverb

◇凡そ友として相応しき友には、三倍の物を返礼すべし、されど取引の道にかけては、寸毫の仮借もなさざるべし Generally reciprocate a friend deserving to be a friend in a triple thing. However, in the way of the business, you must not excuse a little.

◇息子は好きな時に、娘は出来る時に結婚させよ He needs to make it get married, when a son likes. She needs to make it get married, when a daughter can do. 仏国俚諺 France proverb

◇己れの先祖より外に誇るべきものを有たない人は馬鈴薯の如し、彼に属する唯一の善き物は地中にある The person who does not have the thing which should be proud elsewhere than one's ancestors is like the potato. The only good things belonging to him are in the ground. サー・T・オーヴァーベリー

◇父母は、数多の子女を一様に平等に愛することが最も大切である It is most important for parents to love a plentiful child uniformly and equally. ブラッキー

◇父親がたとえ悪魔であろうとも、良い母の娘なら貰うがよい As an example, father is the devil, but should get a daughter of good mother. ゲール諺 Gaelic proverb

◇我が家は世界中の最も幸福なる場所であるとの感情を子女の心情に懐かせるのは、其老紳士の策略である、予は此の甘美なる感情を似て、父が与え得る最上の恩賜であると思うものである It is the old gentleman's artifice to make the feeling "my home is the happiest place in the world" become familiar with a child's feelings. By this sweet feeling, I think "I am the best present that a father can give." アーヴィング

◇善き隣人と真の朋友とは、別個である The good neighbor and the true friend are separate. 英国俚諺 British proverb

◇幸福なる人には、数多の友がある There is a plentiful friend in a happy person. 英国俚諺 British proverb

◇数多の敵を得ようと望むならば、他人に勝ぐれよ、数多の友を得ようと望むなら、他をして己れより勝ぐれしめよ If it wishes that you will get a plentiful enemy, you be superior to others. If it wishes that you will get a plentiful friend, others must be superior to you. 英国俚諺 British proverb

◇夫が才智あれば、妻は柔和である The wife is gentle if a husband is "wit and intelligence." 英国俚諺 British proverb

◇鏡は婦人の最上の顧問である A mirror is the best female adviser. 独国俚諺 German proverb

◇嫉妬深い夫よりは、情愛のない夫を持て Have a husband without compassion rather than an envious husband. イタリア俚諺 Italy proverb

◇夫の性質を知ろうと欲するならば、妻の面(おもて)を注視せよ If it wants to get to know a husband's character, gaze at a wife's face. イスパニア俚諺 Spain proverb

◇良妻と健康とは、人間最上の財宝である A good wife and health are the treasure of the human best. 英国俚諺 British proverb

◇夫に才智あり、妻に忍耐力あるのは、家内安全の基である When a husband has "wit and intelligence" and a wife has patience, it is a basis of the safety of the family. 英国俚諺 British proverb

◇朋友のために艱難に逢えば、其交わりを増す The relations will be increased if hardships are met for a friend. 英国俚諺 British proverb

◇真友は人生の神酒である A true friend is the religious libation of life. タミル俚諺 Tamil proverb

◇北風は穀物を持たない、貧人は朋友を持たない A north wind does not have grain. A poor person does not have a friend. イスパニア俚諺 Spain proverb

◇良友は最も近い親戚である A good friend is the nearest relative. 英国俚諺 British proverb

◇朋友を失うの法は、之に金を貸すにある If money is lent to the best friend, the best friend will be lost. This is a law. 英国俚諺 British proverb

◇婦人が其美服に誇るのは、孔雀が其尾羽を張るのに均しい It is equal to a peafowl stretching the tail feathers that a woman prides herself in the fine clothes. 英国俚諺 British proverb

◇悪女は鏡を怨む An ugly woman blames a mirror. 日本俚諺 Japanese proverb

◇只一人の妻を持ちて、始めて真の快楽を発見するを得るのである It has only one person's wife, and it can begin and can discover true pleasure. ヘブリウ

◇良僕を得んと欲するならば、親戚朋友を僕とするのを避けよ If a good manservant is wanted with the method of profitable, avoid setting a relative and a friend to a manservant. 英国俚諺 British proverb

◇疑心は友誼の毒薬である Suspicion is the poison of amity. 仏国俚諺 France proverb

◇妻を択ぶには、目に由らないで耳に由れ In order to choose a wife, be based on an ear without being based on eyes. 英国俚諺 British proverb

◇妻に新聞を話す人は、新婚者である The person who tells a wife a newspaper is a newlywed person. 英国俚諺 British proverb

◇無妻を第一とす、良妻之に次ぐ A non-wife is made into the first. A good wife ranks second to this. 英国俚諺 British proverb

◇葡萄を取るには地を択び、娘(妻)をめとるには母を択べ Land is chosen for taking a grape and a mother can be chosen for marrying a daughter (wife). 英国俚諺 British proverb

◇謹慎なる婦人は、賢明なる男子と名誉が均しい Modest woman is equal in honor with a wise man. 英国俚諺 British proverb

◇有徳なる婦人は、たとえ其容貌は醜くくとも、家の装飾である She is virtuous, had its ugly appearance though, but a woman is a home decoration. 英国俚諺 British proverb

◇父を非難するのは、己れを辱めるものである Blaming a father is insulting oneself. ペルシア俚諺 Persia proverb

◇父の恩は山よりも高く、母の恩は海よりも深い A father's obligation is higher than a mountain and a mother's obligation is deeper than the sea. 日本俚諺 Japanese proverb

◇手に我が子を懐く者は、心に我が母を懐く The person who becomes familiar with a hand about his child becomes familiar with the mind about his mother. デンマーク俚諺 Denmark proverb

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