GLN 金言名言 Maxim. Wise saying.

A 生活 Life ‐ A-01 衣食住 Food, clothing and shelter

◇料理した鳥は、汝の口中に飛んで来ない(幸福は労して得る) The cooked bird does not fly and come in thou mouth.(Happiness takes great pains and obtains.) 英国俚諺 British proverb

◇昼飯の後には暫く休み、晩飯の後には一哩歩け He rests for a while after a luncheon, and 1 mile should walk after a dinner. 英国俚諺 British proverb

◇肉の味がソース瓶の中に這入っている料理は、すこぶるまずい The dish with which the taste of meat is contained in the sauce bottle is very unsavory.

◇余の記憶する所では飲酒に五つの口実がある。来客、現在の渇き、未来の渇き、洒のうまさ、もう一つは、何とでも In my memory, drinking has five excuses. A visitor, the present thirst, thirst of the future, the good flavor of alcohol, and another can be said also with what. ピエル・サーモン

◇鍋が薬缶に「下がれ、この黒尻奴」と言った(臭い物身知らず) A pan said to a kettle. "Withdraw. The guy of black buttocks." (He does not know that he is stinking.) 英国俚諺 British proverb

◇パン種を醸すなら、パンを焼け(蒔いたものを刈れ) Bake bread, if yeast is brewed. (Cut what was planted. ) 古諺 Old proverb

◇一時間後の卵、一日後のパン、一年後の葡萄酒、されど最良のものは三十年後の友である The egg of 1 hour after, bread of one day after, wine of one year after. However, the best thing is a friend of 30 years after. 伊国俚諺 Italian proverb

◇布地は十度測れ、着物は一度しか裁てない Cloth is measured 10 times and clothes can be cut only once. ロシア俚諺 Russian proverb

◇ごく良い酒の出来る処の人は、極く悪い酒を飲む The person of the place which can do very good alcohol drinks very bad alcohol. 独国俚諺 German proverb

◇全きもの(栄養の豊富なもの)を食べ、澄んだものを飲み、真実を語れ Eat a perfect thing (abundant things of nutrition), drink the clear thing, and tell truth. 独国俚諺 German proverb

◇パンとバターを相手に喧嘩するな Don't quarrel against bread and butter. 英国俚諺 British proverb

◇美味は物にあるのではなく、味わう舌に合うことである If delicacy is one of things, it is suiting the tongue to taste. ロック

◇歯を持てる者にはパンがなく、パンを持てる者には歯がない A person with a tooth does not have bread and a person with bread does not have a tooth. 伊国俚諺 Italian proverb

◇汝の肉体、衣服、住居に心の床しい味を働かせよ Use the taste with the tasteful mind to your flesh, clothes, and dwelling. ジョージ・ハーバート

◇着物は着るがよい、さもないと虫がつく Although clothes are worn, it is good, otherwise an insect adheres. 独国俚諺 German proverb

◇全ての足が一つの靴で歩きはしない No legs carry out a walk with one shoes. 英国俚諺 British proverb

◇嗜好は美を凌駕する Taste exceeds beauty. 古諺 Old proverb

◇飯の食いぶりが仕事の仕振り The way of eating dishes is a way of the work. 英国俚諺 British proverb

◇趣味の敏感は、感情の敏感と同様の効果を持っている、即ち吾人の快苦両界を拡大し、一段の人々が感受せぎる快と苦とを吾人に感受せしむ The perceptiveness of the hobby is as effective as the perceptiveness of feelings. In other words, I extend two worlds of my pleasure and pain, and I receive pleasure and the pain that general people do not receive. ヒューム

◇飢餓は悪に誘う The starvation tempts you into evil. ヴァージル

◇食うのは随意に、飲むのは控え目に Eating is an optional imitation. However, make it moderate to drink. 英国俚諺 British proverb

◇汝自身を喜ばす為に食え、他を喜ばす為に着よ Eat in order to please thou, and wear in order to please others. フランクリン

◇一番甘い酒は、一番きつい酢になる The sweetest alcohol becomes the tightest vinegar. 英国俚諺 British proverb

◇飲食の朋友は、善き隣人ではない The friend of eating and drinking is not a good neighbor. 仏国俚諺 France proverb

◇只己のためにのみ生活する人は、生活をする価値がない人である The person who merely lives only for himself is a person without the value of living. 英国俚諺 British proverb

◇長者の美食は、貧者の涙 A wealthy person's delicious food is the poor's tear. ギリシャ俚諺 Greece proverb

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